Your Valparaiso YMCA key tag is your passport to YMCAs across the nation and around the world. Many YMCAs will honor your Valparaiso membership privileges with the AWAY (“Always Welcome at YMCAs”) logo on your membership key tag.  You can locate a YMCA near your destination by logging on at or inquire at the Y Courtesy Desk. The AWAY policy varies from Y to Y throughout the country, so please phone ahead for information.  


The spirit of the reciprocity program is the belief that the Y is one movement and we want to encourage members to utilize the Y as often as you can, in order to meet your health and wellness goals. Sometimes, it is more convenient for a Y member to utilize a Y in a different location when traveling, near a workplace, or in another region. This program allows active, full facility/full privilege members flexibility to use other Y facilities within the State of Indiana. As a membership unit you must use your Home Y (the Y where you pay your membership fees) 51% of the time or more than you use a visiting Y.