Little Angels Learning Center Valparaiso, Indiana

Welcome to the Little Angels Learning Center, nestled in downtown Valparaiso within the First United Methodist Church

Our new facility is a proud addition to the Valparaiso Family YMCA's esteemed Preschool Care offerings. With a capacity to accommodate up to 99 children, our center prioritizes high-quality early learning experiences alongside comprehensive wraparound services. We understand the profound impact of investing in early childhood education, and our curriculum is meticulously designed to foster social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative development in our young learners. Upon a tour of our facility, you'll discover spacious classrooms brimming with learning resources, areas dedicated to motor skill development, and an inviting outdoor courtyard for exploration and play. As part of the YMCA's dedication to expanding access to exceptional early childhood education in Porter County, our center stands as a testament to affordability and quality.

At the YMCA Little Angels Learning Center, inclusivity is paramount: We offer financial assistance and scholarships, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to benefit from our programs. Enrollments are now open, and our Assistant Director of Childcare, Audrey Sheehan, is available at 219-786-9570 or to provide more information. Take the first step toward a nurturing and enriching preschool experience for your little one.


Preschool Fees:

  • Little Angels Learning CenterFull Time Full Day: $170 per week
  • Little Angels Learning Center: Part Time Full Day: $135 per week


Early Childhood Creative Curriculum
At the YMCA we use a proven approach to learning called Creative Curriculum. This approach informs the nurturing, learning and educational environment that our participating children experience. Our curriculum is an early childhood development approach rooted in educational philosophy, theory and practice. We focus on how children develop and learn, based on their individual interests, the learning environment and the role of a teacher.

The curriculum has 38 research based learning objectives that are organized into 10 areas of development and learning.

  • Social-Emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • English Language Acquisition


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